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Echoes of Nature is a sustainable goods brand built from the ground up in North Carolina.

Fast Fashion is polluting our planet. At Echoes of Nature we encourage you to buy quality, durable clothing so you actually buy and own less. Our current focus is to provide accessories (scarves) that make your wardrobe more versatile. Our goal is to make items that can last through the years and still retain its ability to look and feel great.

Through style and fashion, our company believes in doing things that help others feel good about themselves.  We believe this can be done without a negative impact on our environment. Because we care about the world around us, we have chosen to support organizations that connect people with nature.  ALL products purchased from this section of our website will result in your looking good, and doing good!  It's a win-win! Hope you enjoy our playful descriptions and commentaries on these one-of-a-kind items.

in the case of our scarves or clothing, our process begins by gathering leaves (including dogwood, sweet gum, maple, oak, birch, crepe myrtle, rose, and blackberry leaves) and flowers (like camellia and Gerber daisy) for a splash of color. We sometimes include fruit, vegetables, and occasionally even dyes made from insects! We prepare all organic materials and textiles and create our designs by placing the organic matter on the fabric. When we expose it to water and heat, the colors are transferred from the leaves and other organic material and leave a direct impression on the fabric. This earth-friendly process from start to finish takes 3 days.

For our Jewelry line, we begin with shells that are in abundance and legal to gather! The fighting conch shell was chosen for that reason. Sliced by hand, filled with gems that are left over from local jewelers, or simply cut and buffed, these hand made items are your connection to the Ocean and all the feelings associated with it.

Our goal for our process is totally sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly. Although we may not be there 100 percent yet, we strive daily towards that effort.